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“Through my life and career I have been exposed to various martial arts, hand to hand combat, and self-defense techniques. However, I have never been fully indulged in defense of edged weapons, offense, and defense against multiple attackers. That was until I met Mark. Humble and passionate were the first initial characteristics I noticed with Mark. His knowledge, skill set, and effective teaching techniques made learning not only effective for me, but fun and enjoyable. I truly believe PTK is one of the most effective and need to know self-defense arts. When a weapon is thrown into the mix, everything changes and Mark assists you to conquer that challenge and learn a great skill. That’s what I love most about Kali, it’s ever changing depending on the situation, the techniques must be practiced, it’s a challenge and that’s what keeps me involved. There’s a method behind the madness, one learned practice skill can led to many real-life scenarios to use in self-defense, every little bit of simple practicing movements play a huge role in the art. Truly worth learning and I will continue to do so as long as I can.” – D. Tucker, Government Contractor


“Kali strengthens my spirit, mind and body. It affects how I think, feel and react to my physical surroundings. It trains my mind and body to think and act differently. It also helps me control my emotions so my emotions don’t control me. It has given me a completely new perspective on life!” -Oliver Smith, Entreprenuer

Our Vision

Our Vision at FKA is to help promote and develop awareness of  Filipino culture here in San Diego. We do this by teaching the principles of Kali which is deeply ingrained in the history of the Philippines.  Join us and see how our program will enrich your life!

Military or Police?

Do you serve in the military or police? Let FKA give you valuable knife training on how to survive a knife attack on the street or on the battlefield using tools in addition to your primary weapons. Learn practical tactics that are used on the battlefield today using this combat-proven system.

Want To Get Fit By Trying Something New?

If you have no martial arts experience, no problem! Our beginner program will build your skills step by step. Your self-confidence will increase as you start to master the intricacies of bladed weapons. These skills translate into empty hand combat as well. Plus, it’s a great cardio workout!

The Serious Martial Artist

If you already have experience training in martial arts, our combat program is a perfect supplement to build upon what you already know.  Learn practical tactics to defend yourself with knife fighting martial arts.


We offer kids classes age 8 and up. Our program is designed to teach the attributes of the Filipino martial arts in a way that is safe, non-aggressive and fun for our students. Kids make new friends and enjoy the benefits of exercising in a positive environment while learning self defense.

We like to think of ourselves as one big family.

We are truly committed to our students and we have a huge passion for teaching close quarter combat martial arts and knife combat techniques. We strive to understand the specific needs of each student so that we are able to serve them in the best possible way. Based on tactics and strategies derived from edged weapons, Kali is a complete system incorporating both weapons and empty hands methods. Designed for both single and multiple attackers, Kali is an ancient art that has evolved to stay relevant for modern combat and self-defense scenarios.
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“Finding more jewels about my Filipino cuture has led me to the indigenous practice of Kali. I am so glad to have found practitioners of this system here in San Diego. You cannot get a more pure and undistilled format than from Filipino Kali Academy.” F. Sipin

Healthcare Administator

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