Tuhon Apolo Ladra, Founder of Filipino Kali Academy, IKali and Innovator of the Kali4Kids Program

Tuhon Apolo Ladra began his career in the Philippines as a student of Korean Karate, a discipline in which he became the top-ranked Eastern Regional Champion during the 1980s. He then entered the national and international Sport Karate circuits and, by winning more than 100 first-place trophies and grand championship titles, quickly became a world-class champion. For four consecutive years (1985-1988), Tuhon Apolo was recognized as Instructor of the Year by the Master of Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame in Pocono, PA, the premier U.S. Martial Arts organization.

In 1991, he was asked to join a select delegation of American Martial Artists in the first Russian World Championship Martial Arts Tournament, where he earned both a gold and silver medal. That same year, he was named a member of the National Tae Kwon Do Team set to represent the Philippines in the 1992 Olympics.

Tuhon Apolo has trained 18 national champions, seven Olympians, and 57 state champions during his first three years of operation, and his success has earned him featured coverage in newspaper, radio, and TV.

Tuhon Apolo, has over thirty-five years of experience in the martial arts industry and over thirty years’ experience as a personal disciple of Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje and earned the rank of Tuhon in 2016.

He has created and implemented the Kali4Kids program with several organizations with over 10,000 active students and individuals from all over the world. The Kali4Kids program is organized and systemized, designed to help school owners and large industry organizations increase student retention and complimenting their existing curriculum with the principles of PTK.

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Filipino Kali Academy San Diego Instructor

Guro Mark is a personal student of Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje and Tuhon Apolo  for several years. He was introduced to Grand Tuhon and Tuhon Apolo through his good friend  Greg Cerezo, who is also a FKA instructor.  Guro Mark is committed to raising awareness of Filipino culture through the instruction of Kali.

Prior to his training in Filipino martial arts, he was a personal disciple of world renowned Kazuo Chiba Sensei and was awarded the rank of Nidan (second degree black belt) after several years under his supervision. Chiba Sensei was notorious for his interpretation of the art of Aikido based on the emphasis of Japanese swordsmanship. Guro Mark has dedicated much of his life mastering the discipline of the blade and is honored to have had the priviledge of knowing and training under such distinguished and phenomenal masters of combat.

With several years of experience teaching and training, Guro Mark strives to enrich the lives of his students by training them in the principles of combat. As the main instructor at this school, he hosts seminars periodically with both Grand Tuhon and Tuhon Apolo to add more depth and perspective to the Filipino martial arts for his students.

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